February 09, 2005

Censorship blues

So if we have no YA books about rape, gays, bulemia, anorexia, kissing, and anything else that a thirteen year old might want to read - it won't happen then.....right? Or let's put it another way...
There is no sex in my community! There ...I said it. So we don't have to buy any books about it. My librarian technican censors the books and gives them to my boss. Oh not too much pressure there!

So how skiddish am I to build the collection? I discovered that there are no 600's either. As the new librarian I have no say in this. My librarian tech has fifteen years on me. Imagine censoring this bright school library. No wonder so many of the same kids visit the library. There's not much for them to read except prissy stories, fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction. No YA novels that I like to title "Radical Reads." (Thank you Joni Bodart for that title.) Ummmm....censorship keeps me up at night.

Why should I care? These rich kids are going to go to the bookstore and get the books and read them anyways. It's just the principal. Censorship really bugs librarians. It bothers me a lot.


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