January 10, 2005

You know you're a librarian when....

You open up a brand new dictionary and smell the pages and touch them delicately.
You find the answer to a patron's question - although the answer is disappointing to the patron - it feels great to have simply found it.
You open up a new box of books and you touch them all.

Oh it's the little things. Today was particularly good because my technician was out. I truly missed her because she does such fine work. But it allowed me to answer the questions that she usually handles, and that allowed me to think about the importance of her job. A good technician is worth far more than they are paid.

I'm half way through the class on Blogging and I'm learning a lot. I should finish this weekend. I need to because my next class is starting in a week. Then I will be in the world of classification. Doesn't sound exciting and I'm sure I'll be bored - but at least I'll understand this mundane task that is ahead of me.


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