January 30, 2005

YA fiction

YA fiction and children's books really don't mix well together. It's taken me five months to look at the situation. The previous librarian must have loved children's literature. There was so much of it shelved within the YA fiction. I also love children's literature. The rich artistry and and wonderful messages make children's literature today a wealth of information and warm feelings. But a student age eleven through thirteen doesn't quite view it that way.

So on Friday I began pulling the large, thin children's books out of the YA fiction and placed them in a collection by themselves. I didn't know how many children's books there were. But I ran out of time and ended up finishing the project on Saturday. I think there were about 800 children's books. Way way too many for a middle school.

Students never checked them out and now that they are in a collection by themself - I still don't think they will check them out. But maybe teachers will check them out to begin their lessons. I'm going to watch the situation and wait. I think by the end of the school year I'll be able to pull the books that middle school teachers and students might like, and then give the rest to the local elementary schools.


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