December 19, 2004

Sunday - Two for two

Exercised again. Yes - this is a good thing. I give to everyone else all day long - I give to myself for one hour a day. Sunday and I need to get my house in order so that I can begin to relax. The end of the school term is filled with so much that my house takes a beating. Lots of laundry, piles of stuff around, and way too much sweet stuff hanging around. Someone should have told me that once you become a librarian you gain ten pounds the first year. There is always so much stuff around that I really have to watch it!

I'm reading multicultural literature this vacation. I have booktalks on Monday first period all the way through Tuesday. I have a pretty good selection of books, but it's so important that I have read the book before I talk about it. I also have to go to Barnes and Nobles and try to add a few of the books. Doing booktalks is great - but you have to have a lot of books. Once I talk about the book - they just fly out of the library.

This blog is a great learning experiment. I am going to take that three hour class with soon. Maybe on Christmas morning when I have nothing going on. Being Jewish has its rewards. Christmas is a time when the world stops and there is nothing to do but enjoy the time. So maybe I'll take that three hour course on the 25th. It will raise my level of Blogs big time.


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