December 27, 2004

How do I add a picture to blogs?

I've been playing with the Blog preferences for three days now and I am stuck. I signed up for flicker. I think I'm going to pay $25 to have teach me the ins and outs of Blogging. I just muck around and I can't figure it out. Enough is enough. I've wasted too much time and I want to learn this stuff.

We're going skiing on Thursday through Sunday so if I can swing it, I'll begin this week. If not, I'll begin the first week back from vacation.

I went to school again today. Things are looking really good. I can only do small pieces at a time. With no help and no agreement from my staff - it is a struggle. I do the big changes over vacation so that I don't have to listen to their objections. I just do it and then it's done. No one can sway me to stop my direction. I know what will make the library more user friendly. I just need to move forward.

I weeded so many books. I'm going to hear about it. Why so many - we won't have any left - did you reorder the same ones? Well...yes and no. Most of those books I don't want back. I'm going to hear about it. I know it.

I'm glad I don't return until Wednesday. They will have two days without me to consider my changes. Sometimes I make a change and then leave for two days and amazingly enough - I return after two days and the change has been put back to what it was before. That is so aggravating. I spend so much time thinking and pondering the best way for traffic, flow, ease of use, functionality....and because it's always been this way - it can't be changed. Yuck! I hate that concept.

Well, I got a lot done. I'm not going back until next year. I'm done for now. I feel that I cleaned up a lot of areas that had needed it. I'm kind of curious as to what my staff will say about the changes when I do return on January 5th.


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