December 18, 2004

Day one of vacation
I exercised first thing. It's the start to the two weeks. My husband and I are going to walk the lake tomorrow. I have lofty goals for this two weeks. First off I have to read about twenty YA novels and prepare a few book talks. That will get me ready for January. Then I absolutely want to do a three hour tutorial from Lynda.Com on Bloggs. I think once I take that class I'll be able to share the wealth and teach the teachers and maybe students. I'll see where my learning leads me.

We bought my brothers computer last night for my daughter. I'm debating if I should take that one and give her mine. I'll probably just stay put and give her the new (old) computer. A nice one - Powerbook G4. She'll be in heaven.

I have a lot to do for this vacation. My list is growing. Library items are mostly reading. But also I want to build some signs for displays, clean out the biography section of MB and reduce the number of add on shelving units that are cluttering up the nice space. The list is long, but I'm pretty good at going through things.

A big goal is to learn this blogging thing. So get ready for changes. I want to know how to add pictures and do links. I think I'm up for this small challenge.


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