December 25, 2004


It's a nice day - slow. Made an apple pie for supper tonight. Tomorrow I'm making a turkey dinner for everyone. Should be a nice Sunday. I've gone through our ski stuff and I think I'm all set for the trip. The library looms. I think I'll go in on Monday and clean my office. I also want to buy a lamp so that I can quiet down the overhead lighting. It's way too bright in there and not very friendly. So I'll go to home depot before I go to the library and pick up an inexpensive lamp.

My computer is not running right. I'm worried. I know that my office software is corrupted and I need to upgrade anyways. So I'll be buying a new Office very soon. Rey may come over the first week of January and that would be good. I have a lot of work for him to do. I'd like him to transfer all of Ern's stuff to his new computer. Upgrade my computer with the new software and upgrade Entourage for my email. I also want to get rid of an old email account that is corrupted with spam. That will make my email life easier.

So far I've learned only a little about blogging. I'm going to take a class on how to blog and all of the advanced features soon. I really want to get a handle on this and then attach a blog to the library webpage. I'd eventually like to teach a session on blogging to whomever wants to learn it at school. They're fun and the educational potential is great in blogging.


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