December 30, 2004

Time to touch a tree

I'm at Sequoia National Park. The weather here is really wonderful and awful at the same time. As long as I don't have to drive I'm fine. I think there is two feet of snow here and the snow is pelting down. It is a wet and hard snow, so it's not pleasant as it comes down. I hope things slow down and we can cross country ski and basically touch a tree. The air smells so great here. Books are great - trees are better!

December 29, 2004

Packing to Leave

Packing to leave

We packed and got ready to go skiing tomorrow. We've been there before, but the kids are happy to go again. We're cross country skiing again in the Sequoia's. It's time to touch a tree again. I need to smell some fresh air.

December 27, 2004

How do I add a picture to blogs?

I've been playing with the Blog preferences for three days now and I am stuck. I signed up for flicker. I think I'm going to pay $25 to have teach me the ins and outs of Blogging. I just muck around and I can't figure it out. Enough is enough. I've wasted too much time and I want to learn this stuff.

We're going skiing on Thursday through Sunday so if I can swing it, I'll begin this week. If not, I'll begin the first week back from vacation.

I went to school again today. Things are looking really good. I can only do small pieces at a time. With no help and no agreement from my staff - it is a struggle. I do the big changes over vacation so that I don't have to listen to their objections. I just do it and then it's done. No one can sway me to stop my direction. I know what will make the library more user friendly. I just need to move forward.

I weeded so many books. I'm going to hear about it. Why so many - we won't have any left - did you reorder the same ones? Well...yes and no. Most of those books I don't want back. I'm going to hear about it. I know it.

I'm glad I don't return until Wednesday. They will have two days without me to consider my changes. Sometimes I make a change and then leave for two days and amazingly enough - I return after two days and the change has been put back to what it was before. That is so aggravating. I spend so much time thinking and pondering the best way for traffic, flow, ease of use, functionality....and because it's always been this way - it can't be changed. Yuck! I hate that concept.

Well, I got a lot done. I'm not going back until next year. I'm done for now. I feel that I cleaned up a lot of areas that had needed it. I'm kind of curious as to what my staff will say about the changes when I do return on January 5th.

December 25, 2004


It's a nice day - slow. Made an apple pie for supper tonight. Tomorrow I'm making a turkey dinner for everyone. Should be a nice Sunday. I've gone through our ski stuff and I think I'm all set for the trip. The library looms. I think I'll go in on Monday and clean my office. I also want to buy a lamp so that I can quiet down the overhead lighting. It's way too bright in there and not very friendly. So I'll go to home depot before I go to the library and pick up an inexpensive lamp.

My computer is not running right. I'm worried. I know that my office software is corrupted and I need to upgrade anyways. So I'll be buying a new Office very soon. Rey may come over the first week of January and that would be good. I have a lot of work for him to do. I'd like him to transfer all of Ern's stuff to his new computer. Upgrade my computer with the new software and upgrade Entourage for my email. I also want to get rid of an old email account that is corrupted with spam. That will make my email life easier.

So far I've learned only a little about blogging. I'm going to take a class on how to blog and all of the advanced features soon. I really want to get a handle on this and then attach a blog to the library webpage. I'd eventually like to teach a session on blogging to whomever wants to learn it at school. They're fun and the educational potential is great in blogging.

December 23, 2004


I went into the library today and yesterday. I finished a big project. I weeded the biography section and then I moved a stack out. There were way too many little stacks that just didn't fit. I got rid of a lot of old biographies. Then when I had to reorganize the fiction section due to the fact that I wanted to get rid of an old book stack - I ended up moving about thirty rows. That meant that I weeded those too.

Weeding is a bit medicinal. It's quiet in there - just a little music. I like listening to Frank Sinatra. I really get going when I hear him sing. Then I move books from row to row and look at each one to make sure that they're not disgusting, falling apart, smelly, or just out of touch with young adults.

Weeding is one of those misunderstood items in librarianship. It has to be done in order to make room for new books. But the community often doesn't think it should be done. They think - you're throwing out a book! Well....yes make room.

Last year at my old library, I came in after a librarian had been in there for twenty years. She was a pack rat and never threw a book out. I threw out 5000 books in a year. It was an enormous job, but oh so needed. I used to call them booger books. They were absolutely disgusting - filthy with ripped and yellow pages. No one in that school would ever read a book like that. When I left that job the library was in great shape. Every book on that shelf was clean, slightly used or new, and appealing to read.

Weeding also changes the look of the library. When you weed a dense library it looks so much cleaner and newer once the old books are removed. Last year one person said that I had purchased so many new books. I really hadn't purchased that many new books. I just weeded out all of those old books to make things upbeat and new.

December 19, 2004

Sunday - Two for two

Exercised again. Yes - this is a good thing. I give to everyone else all day long - I give to myself for one hour a day. Sunday and I need to get my house in order so that I can begin to relax. The end of the school term is filled with so much that my house takes a beating. Lots of laundry, piles of stuff around, and way too much sweet stuff hanging around. Someone should have told me that once you become a librarian you gain ten pounds the first year. There is always so much stuff around that I really have to watch it!

I'm reading multicultural literature this vacation. I have booktalks on Monday first period all the way through Tuesday. I have a pretty good selection of books, but it's so important that I have read the book before I talk about it. I also have to go to Barnes and Nobles and try to add a few of the books. Doing booktalks is great - but you have to have a lot of books. Once I talk about the book - they just fly out of the library.

This blog is a great learning experiment. I am going to take that three hour class with soon. Maybe on Christmas morning when I have nothing going on. Being Jewish has its rewards. Christmas is a time when the world stops and there is nothing to do but enjoy the time. So maybe I'll take that three hour course on the 25th. It will raise my level of Blogs big time.

December 18, 2004

Day one of vacation
I exercised first thing. It's the start to the two weeks. My husband and I are going to walk the lake tomorrow. I have lofty goals for this two weeks. First off I have to read about twenty YA novels and prepare a few book talks. That will get me ready for January. Then I absolutely want to do a three hour tutorial from Lynda.Com on Bloggs. I think once I take that class I'll be able to share the wealth and teach the teachers and maybe students. I'll see where my learning leads me.

We bought my brothers computer last night for my daughter. I'm debating if I should take that one and give her mine. I'll probably just stay put and give her the new (old) computer. A nice one - Powerbook G4. She'll be in heaven.

I have a lot to do for this vacation. My list is growing. Library items are mostly reading. But also I want to build some signs for displays, clean out the biography section of MB and reduce the number of add on shelving units that are cluttering up the nice space. The list is long, but I'm pretty good at going through things.

A big goal is to learn this blogging thing. So get ready for changes. I want to know how to add pictures and do links. I think I'm up for this small challenge.

December 16, 2004

December 16th - one day before winter vacation.
The library has been quiet. I've been ordering. This is a nice change. Time to think and order books and Reading Counts Quizzes. All the orders have gone through. This new ordering system has had everyone working on overdrive to figure it out. Lots of questions have been flying around. I think we have gone over the mountain and we're making progress.

I have many books to read over the holiday to do booktalks on the first day back. Students really like me to do booktalks. I'm working on a new class titled something like - primary documents - getting the facts. I don't exactly know what it will look like - but I am thinking and I'll pull it together. I hope I can put it together and be of some help in the history dept.